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A New Shear Strength Model for UHPC Corbel

Hussein Abbas Al-Quraishi(1*), Mohammed Jaffar Hamood(2), Nada Sahmi(3)

(1) Building and Construction Department -University of Technology, Iraq
(2) Building and Construction Department -University of Technology, Iraq
(3) Building and Construction Department -University of Technology, Iraq
(*) Corresponding author



Concrete corbels are generally used to transfer loads within a structural system, such as buildings, bridges, and facilities in general. They commonly present low aspect ratio, requiring an accurate model for shear strength prediction to prevent brittle behavior. This paper explores a new model to find the shear strength of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) corbels with and without steel fiber. This model depends on the contribution of cracked concrete and the main tension reinforcement in strut and tie mechanism. In order to calibrate the behavior of the theoretical model, a database of 14UHPC corbels available in the relevant literature has been collected. The model gives satisfactory predictions of the ultimate shear strength of UHPC corbels with a R-squared of 0.91 when compared with available results. On the basis of the results in this paper, a design formula is proposed
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Shear Strength; UHPC; Corbels

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