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Mathematical and Numerical Modeling of an Unsteady Heat Transfer within a Spherical Cavity: Laser Interaction with Human Skin

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Laser hyperthermia is a technique that is increasingly used in medicine. In order to help the efficiency improvement of this technique, a good knowledge of the temperature field in the target area is necessary. The purpose of this work is to make a detailed study of this temperature field induced in biological tissue by direct exposure to laser radiation in the treated area. These considered biological tissues will be presented according to three geometric considerations: spherical symmetry, spherical symmetry with respect to φ and spherical asymmetry. For this reason, a detailed analysis of the equation of heat in dimensionless form is performed without taking into account blood perfusion and metabolism. The initials and the boundary conditions are also selected to meet the concrete application conditions.
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Heat Transfer; Spherical Cavity; Dimensionless Form; Finite Volume Method; Mathematical and Numerical Modeling; Laser; Tissue Environment

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