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Effects of the Incorporation of Combined Additions in Cement on the Properties of Concretes

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This paper aims at studying the influence of the combined incorporation of limestone filler, which is a kind of recovered waste from aggregate crushing stations for concrete, and/or natural pozzolana and granulated blast-furnace slag on the properties in fresh state and on the mechanical strength of the concretes manufactured first of all without additives then with one superplasticizer containing polycarboxylate. The limestone filler is incorporated with different percentages (10, 15 and 20) as a partial replacement of Portland cement under class 42.5. Then, four combinations were prepared by starting from the mixture with 20% limestone filler as well as by substituting two percentages (5 and 10) of limestone filler with natural pozzolana or granulated slag. The last mixture was composed of 10% limestone filler and 5% of each of these two mineral additions. The obtained results showed that, at 28 days, the combination of 15% limestone filler and 5% granulated slag gives, for ordinary concrete, a comparable performance to that of control concrete. However, the incorporation of 10% limestone filler with 0.5% of superplasticizer in the control mixture has shown satisfactory characteristics in terms of plasticity and mechanical strength.
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Carboxylate Superplasticizer; Combined Additions; Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag; Limestone Filler; Natural Pozzolana

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