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Mathematical and Numerical Modeling of the Suspension of Particles Due to the Air Flow Between Two Rigid Walls

H. Benbih(1), Kamal Gueraoui(2), H. Bensalah(3*), A. Rtibi(4), Y. Belkasmi(5), G. Zeggwagh(6)

(1) Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University, Morocco
(2) Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University, Morocco
(3) Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University, Morocco
(4) Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University, Morocco
(5) Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University, Morocco
(6) Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University, Morocco
(*) Corresponding author



The main objective of this research was to study the suspension of particles in a turbulent flow (k-ε model) of a Newtonian fluid between two rigid walls. The mathematical study is presented by Navier-Stokes equations and equation of transport of the particles. In order to study the effect of the fluctuations, the decomposition of Reynolds was applied to all the equations previously established. The approach of the phenomenon is made using mathematical and numerical way by using the finite volume method as a method of discretization, and the Gauss-Seidel method as a method of solution. This is to establish a numerical code, using the FORTRAN language, which makes it possible to solve the equations and to determine the particle’s concentration profile c, and the fluid velocities u, w respectively in Cartesian coordinate. The work carried out concerns the understanding and the modeling of the mechanisms of suspension of solid particles in a fluid flow.
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Turbulent Flow; Finite Volume Method; Newtonian Fluid; Particles Suspension; Gauss-Seidel

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