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A Comparative Study of Concrete Cracking by Acoustic Emission Under Bending Test

Abdelkhalek Benmiloud(1), Zohra Dahou(2*), Zoubir Mehdi Sbartai(3)

(1) Laboratory Mechanics of Structures –LMS- University of Bechar, Department of Civil Engineering, Algeria
(2) Laboratory Mechanics of Structures –LMS- University of Bechar, Department of Civil Engineering, Algeria
(3) I2M laboratory, Environmental Civil engineering Department, University of Bordeaux, France
(*) Corresponding author



The present study deals with the concrete cracking and damage monitoring during bending test. Notched three point bend specimens, with two different dimensions, were tested under crack mouth opening displacement. The acoustic emission (AE) technique was applied to monitor crack growth and characterize the crack development during bending tests. The cumulative location of the acoustic events and the physical parameters of the signals (hits, events, energy) during the different phases of the bending test were studied. The results show a good correlation between the force-time curves, as well as the deflection, and the acoustic activity.
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Concrete; Bending; Acoustic Emission; Energy; Cracking; Events

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