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Evaluation of Seismic Vulnerability of Existing Reinforced Concrete Structure by Non-Iterative Spectral Method Using Pushover Analysis with Interpretation of Fragility Curves by RISK UE

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The prediction of the behavior of an existing structure against an earthquake, and prior knowledge of the level of damage can endure seem decisive, especially when it comes to listed buildings of vital importance and public utility for the population such as hospitals. They are called to ensure the continuity of the functionality of their services with minor or no damage, especially in case of calamity or serious earthquake disaster genre. The present work consists to assess the seismic vulnerability of a clinic in Agadir, Morocco city, reputed for its high seismicity, using the non-iterative spectral method. Firstly, we will use a Pushover analysis by modeling the structure in the SAP 2000. Then, the capacity curve of the substructure of the building, thus obtained, will be transformed to ADRS format (Acceleration, Displacement, Response Spectral), then it will be overlaid with the inelastic response spectrum of the considered site, which converted to AD Format (Acceleration Displacement), according to the RPS 2011 (revised) in order to determine the performance point. Finally, we will proceed to the interpretation of fragility curves according RISK UE, to deduce the vulnerability.
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Non-Iterative Method; Pushover Analysis; Capacity Curve; Inelastic Response Spectrum; Performance Point; Fragility Curves; Vulnerability

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