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Mathematical and Numerical Modeling for Energy Valorization of Sugarcane

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This study concerns the numerical modeling of the pyrolysis of sugarcane waste. The potential application of pyrolysis products obtained (fuel) is in use in domestic or industrial combustion plants. To facilitate the digital modeling of the process of pyrolysis, the waste particles are assumed arranged in a vertical cylindrical enclosure (fixed bed). Their heating is provided by an ascending vertical stream of hot inert gas. Solving the equations of the balances on a two-dimensional flow and nonstationary provides the axial development of the temperature, the solid concentration of the carbonaceous residue (coke) and the pyrolysis gas. The method of finite differential was used for spatial discretization of the equation system, and method of Rang-Kutta order4. After validation, this model was applied to a configuration of a fixed bed. The results are in good agreement with the experimental results reported in the literature.
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Modeling; Pyrolysis; Sugarcane; Fixed-Bed; Two-Dimensional; Finite Difference Method; Method of Rang-Kutta

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