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Influence of Strong Seismic Motions of the 1977 Earthquake on Specific Building Type

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This paper presents the dynamic investigations on the response of an important building from Craiova, Romania, the building housing the Faculty of Electrical Engineering affected by the major seismic motion from March 1977. Dynamic experimental/instrumental investigations of the technical condition of the structural components of the building were mainly focused on technical expertise of the current technical condition of the building resistance structure. The processing of the data obtained through this investigation gave important conclusions about the influence of the major seismic ground motions on a specific type of structure. The final findings and conclusions contributed to elucidate the building behavior (including bearing capacity) during intensive seismic ground motions and the completion of solutions for the building rehabilitation that were to be made. This research paper work is the result of documentary studies evidenced by theoretical and experimental research conducted by the author in order to achieve the objective and aimed at bringing their contributions to the seismic assessment of Craiova City for buildings made by reinforce concrete with P+8 height regime. As a result of the dynamic investigations the quantified level of the seismic performance was determined for this building. All these investigations, in conjunction with specific seismicity characterization of the site, gave specific decisions for intervention on structural and nonstructural components of the building.
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Dynamic Investigations; Seismic Vulnerability; Dynamic Sensibility

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