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On the Concepts of Action, Reaction, and Stress Wave Patterns in Structures

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The paper discusses the classical concepts of action and reaction in mechanics. Based on these concepts we define the subsequent notions of elasticity and plasticity. While reaction due to stiffness and elasticity is associated with statics, fast load application and response may lead to concepts of vibration and dynamics with inertia and mass primarily responsible for the reactive response. Some physical examples are provided. Structural behavior due to reaction forces/moments can lead to a stress wave pattern (SWP), or waves in structures (wavy patterns). Computer simulations are provided.  A discussion about mathematical modeling, redundant systems and various possible ways to equilibrate a load concludes the paper.
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Action; Reaction; Elasticity; Plasticity; Statics; Vibration; Stiffness; Mass; Inertia; Reaction Forces/Moments; Stress Wave Patterns

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