Effect of Shear Reinforcement on Punching Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Slabs

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This paper presents the results of an experimental study on the punching shear capacity of reinforced concrete slabs. Eight square slabs were tested under the effect of concentrated patch load. All tested slabs were simply supported along the four sides.  Firstly, the effect of the percentage of flexural reinforcement was studied. Secondly, the effect of providing top and mid-height steel reinforcement square meshes was considered. Finally, three special punching shear reinforcement schemes were taken into consideration. Test results revealed the beneficial effect of flexural reinforcement in enhancing the punching shear capacity of the slabs. Also, the presence of top square mesh, mid-height square mesh, or the use of special punching shear reinforcement significantly increased the punching shear capacity of the slabs. Furthermore for all tested slabs, a comparison was performed between the experimental ultimate punching loads and those obtained from the equations provided by codes of practice. The results varied significantly from one code to another. However, it was found that the equations presented by the Egyptian code were the most conservative among the studied codes. This is due to the fact that such equations completely ignore the beneficial effect of the flexural and punching shear reinforcement on the punching strength of reinforced concrete slabs and footings
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Codes of Practice; Punching Strength; Reinforced Concrete; Slabs; Shear Reinforcement

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