Numerical Analysis of Reinforced Embankment Over Soft Foundation

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This paper describes a finite element analysis of geosynthetic reinforced embankment constructed on soft cohesive foundation under partially drained condition. The behaviour of embankment foundation soils were simulated using the hyperbolic hardening soil model and soft soil model, respectively. In order to investigate the effect of surcharge on the embankment behaviour, a uniformly-distributed loading was considered as a surcharge after the end of construction. Construction and loading sequence and consolidation were modelled. The effects of the reinforcement stiffness on the horizontal and vertical displacements, mobilized reinforcement force and embankment failure surcharge were considered. The effect of loading rate on the embankment failure surcharge was also evaluated. It was shown that reinforcement can significantly reduce the maximum lateral deformation and increase the embankment failure surcharge
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Reinforced Embankment; Soft Soil; Finite Element Analysis

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