Testing the Difference in Elevation between Leica 505 Builder, Topcon GTS - 230 and Topcon GTS - 701 Total Station, and the Accuracy Achieved

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The primary aim of this research is to analyze the accuracy and precision of different types of total station instruments using indirect leveling method which can measure vertical angles as well as slope distances (trigonometric leveling). Height determination can be classified as geometric leveling, trigonometric leveling and GPS/Leveling depending on the used instruments or the methods applied .Those methods have advantages and disadvantages. The procedures for analyzing of total station elevation is compared with 10 fixed elevation points on different distance using precise (Topcon  level) with a wooden rods. Instead of direct leveling method, indirect leveling method using three total stations, namely Leica 505 builder, Topcon GTS- 230, and Topcon GTS- 701 to analyses and solves the accuracy of elevation measurement on surfaces of various distances. The height of the precise level were assumed as the true values, and the other height observation were then compared with those obtained from other total stations height measurements. Mean square errors are computed using these data. This study empirically made a research in the improvement of accuracy of total station for leveling by using the indirect leveling method, Total Station can more simply and quickly find elevation by replacing the direct leveling
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Difference in Elevation; Electronic Total Station; Accuracy Achieved

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