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Wear Study of Cast Metal-on-Metal Bearing in Total Hip Prosthesis

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Interest on Metal-on-Metal hip prosthesis has been revived in hip Arthroplasty because of their potential improving the wear performance compared to the conventional metal-on-Polyethylene implants. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the wear behaviour of cups and heads, to analyze the effects of clearance on the total volumetric wear and to analyze the articulating surfaces roughness. Implants of 32 x 10-3m in diameter were manufactured using cast Co-Cr alloys with high carbon content. Testing was performed in hip joint simulator using bovine calf serum as lubricant. Roughness measurements of the articulating surfaces were taken before and after the wear test of 2x106 cycles. Two wear phases were perceptible for all cups and heads; a run-in phase up to 1x 106 cycles with high wear rate, and a lower steady state wear phase. The cups and heads have the same wear rate in the steady state period. No correlation was found between total wear and clearance. Roughness surface results showed that the wear takes place in the plans 2(54°) and 3(81°) for the heads, in the plans 1(27°) and 2(45°) for the cups.
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Clearance; Cobalt-Chromium Alloy; Metal-On-Metal; Surface Roughness; Wear

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