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Effect of the Thermomechanical Treatment on the Springback During a Forming

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The main object of this work was to show the influence of work hardening, recrystallization and précipitation on the springback. At the same time, we highlighted the influence of the grain size and radius of curvature of the die. We also showed the role of lubrication in the reduction of the springback. The tests were carried out on mild steel and A1050 aluminum. The steel specimens underwent a rolling operation followed by a recrystallization treatment  at 650˚C for 1 and 7 hour. Aluminum underwent a strain hardening treatment and precipitation treatment. The tests were ensured by adapting a U-type stretching-bending device on a tensile testing machine, where we studied and quantified the variation of the springback according to displacement for various conditions of thermomechanical treatments.
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Springback; Forming; Grain; Deformation; Precipitation; Recrystallization

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