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Acoustic Radiation Through Double Sandwich Panels System

M. Abdennadher(1*), L. Hammami(2), M. Haddar(3)

(1) Research Unit of Mechanical, Modelization and Manufacturing, National school of engineers of Sfax, Tunisia
(2) Research Unit of Mechanical, Modelization and Manufacturing, National school of engineers of Sfax, Tunisia
(3) Research Unit of Mechanical, Modelization and Manufacturing, National school of engineers of Sfax, Tunisia
(*) Corresponding author



The study of acoustic radiation through a double laminated plates system requires the modelling of dynamic behaviour of laminated plates, joint, fluid cavity, external fluids and fluid structure interaction. A mixed method based on variational formulation for the fluid cavity and panels in terms of displacements for the structure and pressure for the fluid and by integral equations formulation for the external fluids is developed. The associated energy functional is derived. Its discretization by finite element method leads to dynamic system equation. The dynamic response of the system is established by modal approach. Numerical results show a decrease of acoustic radiation through a double sandwich panels compared to a simple panel results.
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Sandwich Panel; Acoustic Radiation; Damping Modal; Loss Factor

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