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Fatigue-Fractured Surfaces of Acrylic Bone Cements

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Acrylic bone cements have been widely used in orthopaedic surgery for the fixation of artificial joints. In total hip prosthesis, the fracture of PMMA, through crack initiation, propagation and fracture whether at an interface or within the bulk material is of serious concern since it leads to the implant failure. In the present study, cyclic fatigue fractured surfaces of five bone cements, were investigated using cleaved beads indicator (percentage of cleaved pre cured beads per fractured area). Fatigue fractured surfaces of the cements tested were obtained using a methodology based on ASTM-E647-05. All cements tested showed three different morphologies which are in relation to the crack growth rate and cement type. Cleaved beads indicator is able to discriminate between the three zones and thus, is a quantitative inspection of the fractured surfaces (factorial ANOVA, p<0.0005).
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Cleaved Beads; Crack Propagation; Fatigue Fracture; Fracture Surface Morphology; PMMA Bone Cement

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