Vol 13, No 3 (2023)

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Wavelet-Based Relevance Vector Machines for Identification of Diseased Patterns in Plethysmographic Observations in Wrist Pulse PDF
Sunil Karamchandani, Pranav H. Panicker, V. Venkataramanan 115-122

Towards an Improved Approach for Extracting Spatial Association Rules: an Empirical Study in Algeria PDF
Khadidja Belbachir, Redouane Tlemsani 123-129

A Thermal Imaging Model for Roads Cracks Width Detection PDF
Moath Alsafasfeh, Abdullah Alhasanat, Saud Althunibat, Mohanad Alhasanat, Khaled Matrouk, Ahmad Hasan 130-135

Automatic Detection of Modulation Scheme Using Convolutional Neural Networks PDF
Blessy Babu, V. S. Hari 136-142

Fingerprint Classification Using Double k-Means Clustering PDF
Alaa Sameer Ali, Enas Khalid Adnan, Hussain Falih Mahdi 143-148

Microstrip Resonant and Non-Resonant Antenna for 5 GHz Indoor and Outdoor Band Applications PDF
Valsalam Reji, C. T. Manimegalai 149-156

Electromagnetic Field Screening on a Limited Antenna Arranger Located on a Multilayer Dielectric PDF
Marian Tadeusz Wnuk 157-170

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