Vol 13, No 2 (2023)

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Simulation Design of Different Rectangular Horn Antenna Shapes Operating at 28 GHz Using CST and HFSS Techniques PDF
Skala Hatam Mohammed, Mudhaffer Mustafa Ameen, Sattar Othman Hasan 63-71

Probabilistic Reputation-Based Authentication Approach in VANET PDF
Tamara Al-Zyoud, Ramzi Saifan 72-79

Comparison of NB-IOT, Lora, and Sigfox IOT Protocols in a Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Raed Daraghma, Yousef Daraghmi, Eman Daraghmi, Hacene Fouchal, Marwan Ayaida 80-88

1 Tbps Data Rate Transmission Using the Super Channel in the Flexi Grid Network PDF
M. Adarsha, S. Malathi, Santosh Kumar, R. G. Sangeetha 89-97

A Microstrip on Planar Antenna Designs for Cognitive Radio Applications PDF
Omar J. Ibrahim, Mohammad Zidan, Bilal Rabah Al-Doori, Mohammed Q. Taha, Naz E. Islam 98-107

Reconfigurable Conformal mm-Wave Antenna Arrays for Smartphones PDF
Ilaria Marasco, Michele Marvulli, Tommaso Lovergine, Giovanni Niro, Giovanni Magno, Marco Grande 108-114

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