Vol 10, No 6 (2020)

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A Method for Calculating the Characteristics of Leaky Wave Antennas Implemented by Means of the Open Comb Transmission Lines PDF
Aleksandr V. Ostankov, Dmitry Y. Kryukov, Alexandra V. Salnikova, Oleg Vyacheslavovich Chernoyarov 360-370

Magnetoelectric Antenna Array PDF
Roman Valerevich Petrov, Aleksandr Olegovich Nikitin, Mirza Imamovich Bichurin, Gopalan Srinivasan 371-376

Pilot Contamination Mitigation in Massive Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) System PDF
Dua’a Al-Lafi, Omar Banimelhem, Mohammad Shurman, Eyad Taqieddin, Salim Alkhawaldeh 377-385

Performance Evaluation of the Objective Functions for Low-Power and Lossy Networks in the Light Density Network Used in Media Technology for the Internet of Things PDF
Muneer Bani Yassein, Heba Al-Jarrah, Abdallah Alma’aitah 386-392

Low Power Trickle (LP-Trickle) Timer Algorithm: an Improved Solution for Low Power and Lossy Network in Media Technology Context PDF
Muneer Bani Yassein, Mutaz Bani Younes 393-398

TCP-CLD: Cross-Layer Design for Improving TCP Performance Over Cognitive Radio Networks PDF
Raed T. Al-Zubi, Safaa Ali Al-Sarayrah, Mohammed Hawa, Khalid A. Darabkh, Iyad F. Jafar, Sharhabeel H. Alnabelsi 399-407

Synthesis of Asymmetric Radiation Patterns with Non-Uniform Linear Arrays Using Evolutionary Algorithms PDF
Camilo Andres Torres, Carlos A. Suárez F., Liz A. Ramos M., Gustavo Puerto L. 408-418

Cooperative Uplink NOMA for Frequency Selective Environment: Outage Analysis and Power Allocation PDF
Sharief N. Abdel-Razeq 419-425

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