Vol 9, No 5 (2019)

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A Non-Redundant Sampling Representation Requiring the Same Number of Spherical Near-Field Measurements for Both Onset and Offset Mountings of a Quasi-Planar Antenna PDF
Francesco D'Agostino, Flaminio Ferrara, Claudio Gennarelli, Rocco Guerriero, Massimo Migliozzi 311-319

A New Framework for Online Recommendation Systems Based on Open Approach Feedback PDF
Mohammed Qassim Shatnawi, Qusai Q. Abuein, Omaimah Alzoubi, Zain A. Halloush 320-326

Metamaterial Properties Applied in Wire Antenna Design PDF
Samir Berkani, Youssef Lamhene, Mustapha Hadj-Sadok, Henri Baudrand 327-333

Design of New Multiband Slot Antennas for Wi-Fi Devices PDF
Zuhair Shakor Mahmood, Ali Najdet Nasret, Attallah Younis Awed 334-342

Motion Boundary Detection Improved by Bio-Inspired Approach PDF
Hayat Yedjour, Dounia Yedjour, Meftah Boudjelal 343-350

Shape Optimization of Low-Element Antenna Arrays Based on the Minimization of the Azimuthal or Elevation Angles According to the Lower Cramer-Rao Bound PDF
Ilya Peshkov 351-361

Performance Evaluation of 100 Gb/s WDM DP-QPSK Lightwave System with Reduced PMD Effects PDF
Jalil Aziz Hamadamin, Muhammed Abdulbaqi Ibrahim, Salih Mustafa Saleem 362-370

A Novel Reduced Sensing Time Routing Protocol in Cognitive Radio Networks PDF
Ramzi Saifan, Tahani Qaisi, Andraws Sweidan, Sharhabeel H. Alnabelsi, Khalid A. Darabkh 371-381

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