Vol 7, No 6 (2017)

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Special Issue on "ICMESCoE-2017"

Guest Editorial Board PDF
S. H. Gawande, S. K. Wagh, M. P. Dale 474

Preface PDF
S. H. Gawande, S. K. Wagh, M. P. Dale 475

Railroad Track Maintenance Device PDF
P. N. Kota, Aditya Pal, Amit Vitekar 476-480

An Efficient Congestion Control by Fair Bandwidth Allocation Scheme Using AQM and HTC Protocol PDF
Aboli R. H. Suryawanshi, Shilpa Khedkar, R. A. Canessane 481-486

Improved Partial Fingerprint Recognition by Integration of Minutiae Based and Parallel Division Methods PDF
Kanchan S. Tiwari, H. G. Manoli 487-494

Big Data Analytical Framework Using GIS Concept for Remote Sensing Technique PDF
Niketa P. H. Nemade, Sharmila K. Wagh 495-501

A Survey on Evolution in Information Security PDF
Amit G. Vitekar, Prabhakar Kota 502-508

Secure Cloud Based Storage System with De-Duplication and Compression PDF
Sukruti Bhimrao Gajare, Rubeena A. Khan 509-515

Vein Pattern Decomposition (VPD) Method: a Novel Approach to Build Practical Palm Vein Based Person Authentication System PDF
Rajesh Bodade, Saurabh Dixit 516-520

Efficient Processing of Job by Enhancing Hadoop Map Reduce Framework Using Containers PDF
Shweta V. H. Chaudhari, R. M. Wahul 521-528

An Efficient Approach of Extracting Frequent Itemsets from Large Data Using HDFS Framework PDF
Prajakta G. Kulkarni, S. R. Khonde 529-536

SyntcRec: a Syntactic Recommender System Based on Improved Feature Selection Technique in Large Scholarly Data PDF
Deepa Mandave, Govind Pole 537-544

Feature Extracting from Video Encoded for Searching Using Improved Methods PDF
Saba B. Sayed, N. F. Shaikh 545-551

Analysis of Digital X-Ray for Mapping of Pixel Values Using MATLAB Image Processing Tool PDF
S. L. Gavali, H. V. Vankudre, K. N. Vijayakumar 552-561

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