Vol 6, No 1 (2016)

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Optimization of Subspace Decomposition Applied to Speech Dereverberation PDF
M. A. Ben Messaoud, Aicha Bouzid 1-5

Analysis of the Physical Characteristics of Series OSRRs in CPW Transmission Line by the Scattering Bond Graph Methodology PDF
H. Taghouti, S. Jmal, A. Mami 6-13

An Efficient Mac Protocol for Reducing Channel Interference and Access Delay in Cognitive Radio Wireless Mesh Networks PDF
M. Anusha, Vemuru Srikanth 14-18

Chromatic Dispersion Monitoring by Synchronizing the Two Sidebands of the Received Optical Signal PDF
Husam Fawaz Wafai, Abdulkarim Assalem 19-26

A Planar Coupled-Fed Unidirection Dual-Band Antennna for GSM, UMTS, WLAN, LTE and Wi-MAX Applications PDF
Hani Wadie Badri, Nadhem Nemri, Hassan Zairi, Ali Gharsallah, Hichem Trabelsi 27-32

Design and Optimization of a New Slotted Patch Antenna for RFID Applications PDF
Ikram Tabakh, Mohamed Jorio, Najiba El Amrani El Idrissi, Tomader Mazri 33-38

G-Shaped Dual Band Wearable Button Antenna for ISM Band Applications PDF
Chaouki Guesmi, Ismail Ben Mabrouk, Laila Hady, Larbi Talbi, Ali Gharsallah 39-43

Ultra-Wideband Planar Monopole Antenna with WiMAX and WLAN Band Rejection Characteristics PDF
Neelaveni Ammal Murugan, Ramachandran Balasubramanian, Hanumantha Rao Patnam 44-49

A Wide Tuning Range Active Filter for the 5G in CMOS Technology PDF
Imane Halkhams, Mahmoud Mehdi, Said Mazer, Moulhime El Bekkali, Wafae El Hamdani, Farid Temcamani 50-55

A V-Band Two Pole High-Pass Filter for Frequency Quadrupler Design PDF
Maryam Abata, Mahmoud Mehdi, Said Mazer, Moulhime El Bekkali, Catherine Algani 56-60

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