Vol 5, No 5 (2015)

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Asymmetric Defected Ground Structured Monopole Antenna for Wideband Communication Systems PDF
S. S. Mohan Reddy, P. Mallikarjuna Rao, B. T. P. Madhav 256-262

Towards a Comprehensive Ontology Based-Investigation for Digital Forensics Cybercrime PDF
Amir Mohamed Talib, Fahad Omar Alomary 263-268

Review of IPv6 Transition Mechanism Implementation on Campus Network PDF
Mohd Azi Abdullah, Nor Effendy Othman 269-278

RETRACTED: Energy Hole Problem in Corona-Based Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey PDF
Hassan Hamid Ekal, Jiwa bin Abdullah 279-289

Hybrid Structure and Fuzzy Logic High Precision Control for Non-Geostationary Satellite Antenna Tracking PDF
Minh Quan Duong, Alberto Dolara, Francesco Grimaccia, Marco Mussetta, Riccardo Zich, Kim Hung Le 290-296

Modified Square Fractal Antenna for Multiband Application PDF
Abdulazez Shokyfeh 297-300

Design of a Ka Band Antenna by a New Methodology Based on Bond Graph Approach PDF
Sabri Jmal, Hichem Taghouti, Abdelkader Mami 301-306

A Novel Design of a Ring Resonator Low Pass Filter PDF
Farida Benriad, Jamal Zbitou, Abboud Benaïssa, Hamid Bennis, Abdessamed Chinig, Angel Mediavilla Sanchez 307-310

Analysis of Exponential Nonuniform Transmission Line Parameters PDF
M. Belattar, Chaabane Soumali 311-315

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