Vol 5, No 3 (2015)

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A Novel RFID Antenna with HIS Structure for Ka Band PDF
Omrane Necibi, Dahbia Hamzaoui, Tan Phu Vuong, Ali Gharsallah 124-131

Efficient Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation Method in Uplink OFDMA for Mobile WiMax PDF
M. Lakshmananan, P. S. Mallick, L. Nithyanandan, M. Saikrishna 132-137

MAI Mitigation Using V-BLAST and PIC Based Binary Orthogonal Code Spreaded Multi Antenna MC-CDMA System PDF
V. Noor Mohammed, P. S. Mallick, L. Nithyanandan, N. Sricharan 138-143

Reliable Enhanced Leach Protocol for Controlling Data Traffic in Event Tracking Systems PDF
Omar Fouad Mohammed, Burairah Hussin, Abd Samad Hasan Basari 144-153

Efficient Vertical Handoff Algorithm for Mission-Critical Management PDF
T. Velmurugan, Shashank Chaurasia, Prateek Sharma, Sibaram Khara 154-161

Application of the Mode Matching Technique to Determine the Complex Permittivity of Each Layer for a Bi-Layer Dielectric Material at Microwave Frequency PDF
Hassan Elmajid, Jaouad Terhzaz, Hassan Ammor, Mohamed Chaïbi, Angel Mediavilla Sánchez 162-168

Compile-Time Task Scheduling in Computer Networks Using Non-Preemptive Processing and Time Quantum PDF
Nadhir Ben Halima 169-177

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