Vol 3, No 1 (2013)

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Improvement of Microstrip Antenna Performance Using Left-Handed Metamaterial Layer Composed of Rectangular Split-Ring Resonators and Thin Wires PDF
Ehab K. I. Hamad, Adel A. A. Abdel-Raheem 1-8

Multilevel Modulation Formats and Polarization Multiplexing for 100Gbps Transmission with Direct Detection for Low-Cost Transmission PDF
Majed Omar Al-Dwairi, Dmitriy Skopin 9-15

Scattering of Chiral Semi-Elliptical Boss on a Ground Plane PDF
A-K. Hamid 16-20

Optimized Antenna for Low UHF Range Wireless Power Transfer PDF
Houriyeh Shadmehr, Francesco Grimaccia, Giambattista Gruosso, Marco Mussetta, Riccardo E. Zich 21-26

Design and Analysis of Modified Planar Monopole Antenna for UWB Applications with Truncation in Ground Plane PDF
Priya Rahul 27-32

Modeling of a Complete Multi Band OOK Ultra WideBand Link PDF
S. Mazer, C. Algani, M. El Bekkali 33-36

Design of a Parabolic Antenna for Telecommunication Satellite Payload in Ka-Band PDF
M. A. Mebrek, L. H. Abderrahmane 37-41

Narrow Band and UWB Wearable Antennas: Design and Assessment of the Conformal Characteristics in Terms of Impedance Matching and Radiation Properties PDF
Shuvashis Dey, Nandita Saha 42-50

Radio and Web Radio in Botswana PDF
Anselm Mathias, Sajid M. Sheikh, Morgan Richomme, Annah M. Jeffrey 51-55

Systematic Literature Review: the Important Factors in Assessing the Trustworthiness of OSS PDF
Abu Bakar Md. Sultan, Abubakar D. Bakar, H. Zulzalil, Jamilah Din 56-60

Design of a Flexible Metamaterial RF MEMS Circuit for Multi-Purpose/ a Tunable Bass-Band Filter PDF
M. Houssini, M. El-Khatib, A. Hamié, P. Blondy, K. Abou-Saleh, A. Ghaddar, H. Alaeddine 61-67

Block Robust Algorithm for Network Echo Cancellation PDF
Hamze Haidar Alaeddine, El Houssain Baghious, Gilles Burel 68-77

Dual Band Microstrip Antenna with Double Square Patch and Conical Bridges for Wireless Applications PDF
R. Sharma, M. Kumar 78-82

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