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Rectangular Slot Antenna Array for Dual Band Medical Applications

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In this paper, a rectangular slot microstrip horn patch antenna array has been proposed for wireless double band applications. The compact 2(2 patch array with defect in ground in the form of a thin slot at the ground center has been analyzed for its various characteristics parameters. An Analysis of the proposed antenna fabricated in cotton material has been carried out using CST software, and the prototype is being tested for validation of simulation results. Tested results confirm the dual frequency performance bands that the designed antenna array radiates from 1.162 to 1.34 GHz and 1.864 to 2.107 GHz with 14.52% and 7.88% impedance bandwidth with respect to central 1.94 GHz and 1.24 GHz. The 50 Ω impedance of the input port has been achieved at 51.6 Ω and 49.79 Ω at both resonant frequencies to prove the better matching property of the proposed antenna. The antenna exhibits E-plane bidirectional radiation in the E-plane and an H-plane omni-directional pattern with a gain of 1.42 dBi at both resonant frequencies confirming that the proposed antenna is well suited for practical wireless applications in the desired bands with very good bandwidth.
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Defected Ground Structure; Dual Band; Microstrip Patch Antenna Array; Field Excitation; Wireless Application

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