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1 Tbps Data Rate Transmission Using the Super Channel in the Flexi Grid Network

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The best cost-effective method of lowering the cost per transmitted bit is an increase in transmission symbol rate as well as the order of quadrature amplitude modulation. Specifically, upcoming transponders aim to accommodate data rates up to 1 Tb/s using super-channels due to the bandwidth limitations of electrical components. Throughput can also be increased by a flexible-grid architecture by closing spectral gaps in the available optical spectrum. The distance and transmission module is introduced in the work; it chooses the appropriate modulation depending on the distance. Specifically, a 1 Tbps super-channel with four subcarriers, each one modulated with PM-32QAM at a Baud rate of 33 G-Bd per carrier, has been used. By using the Nyquist filter, the subcarrier spacing for PM-32QAM has been set to 37.5 GHz, which enables 32 × 1.0 Tbps super-channels overall over C-band and could lead to a 32.0 Tb/s C-band capacity. For PM-32 QAM, which is observed, the required optical signal-to-noise ratio at the forward error correction threshold is 5.4 dB. Erbium-Doped Fibre Amplified (EDFA) Single Mode Fiber has been used to achieve a transmission range of 750 km for PM-32 QAM modulated super-channels.
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Wavelength Division Multiplexing; Flexi-grid Network; Elastic Optical Network; Super-Channel

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