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Isolation Enhancement of UWB MIMO rDRA for 5G Outdoor Applications

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In this paper, a two-port Ultra-Wideband Multiple Inputs Multiple Outputs (UWB MIMO) rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna (rDRA) is proposed for 5G sub-6 GHz outdoor applications. An edged hole is inserted at the rDRA edge for isolation enhancement purposes. The effect of edged hole radius on isolation is investigated. Both UWB MIMO rDRA with and without edged holes are investigated for both parallel and orthogonal feed schemes (four scenarios). Isolation better than -22 dB is obtained for orthogonal orientation and edged hole rDRA. Surface current density distribution is used to explain that isolation enhancement. UWB bandwidth and high efficiency are obtained on the operating bands due to the usage of an aperture-coupled feed system and edged hole rDRA. The proposed antenna has two -6 dB operating frequency bands, the lower band (2.25 GHz – 2.52 GHz) and the higher band (3.6 GHz – 5.7 GHz). The Envelope Correlation Coefficient (ECC) and diversity gain DG are used to justify the MIMO antenna performance. Good agreement is obtained between measured and simulated results.
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DRA; ECC; DG; Co-Polarization; Cross-Polarization; MIMO Antenna; UWB; 5G

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