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Design of a Miniaturized Printed Antenna for 2.4 GHz IoT Applications

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This article presents a miniaturized simple rectangle monopole antenna for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The miniaturization is achieved by engraving three pairs of parallel slits on the antenna radiating patch. It resonates at the Industrial Scientific and Medical band (2.4 GHz) with an acceptable gain and almost perfect matching. The obtained -10 dB bandwidth of the designed antenna is 361 MHz. The proposed antenna has six slits located alternatively at the right and left sides of the radiating patch. The reflection coefficient of the proposed antenna is -34.89 dB for the simulated results and -27.23 dB for the measured results. The simulated and measured gains are 1.2dBi and 1.142 dBi, respectively, at the resonant frequency, which is so good under the condition of the antenna compact size. The proposed antenna has a simple design with low cost and very compact size, and this makes it preferable for IoT applications. Moreover, the proposed antenna has an omnidirectional radiation pattern suitable for direction-independent applications. The measured and simulated results show close agreement to each other.
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ISM Band; IoT; Monopole Antenna; Reflection Coefficient; Slits

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