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Design and Implementation of a Simple and Low-Cost Rectifier Circuit for Efficient Rectenna Harvesting System at 2.4 GHz Based on Moss Rose Optimization Algorithm

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In this paper, a design and implementation of a simple, low cost, efficient rectifier circuit is proposed to eliminate the need for the usual complicated impedance matching network in rectenna harvesting systems. The proposed rectifier circuit consists of a Schottky diode and LC components only. The design is optimized based on the Moss Rose Optimization Algorithm (MROA), which is programmed by using the MATLAB software and then simulated by the Advance Design System (ADS) software. The simulation procedure for finding the rectifier circuit elements using MATLAB is implemented by rewriting the simulation software in C language and utilizing the Mikroelectronica development tool. It is shown that the obtained LC values at 2.4 GHz have offered a minimum value of reflection coefficient (about -38 dB) under stable conditions. The obtained results are compared with some previous works that have used rectenna systems with impedance matching elimination network, and it is found out that the proposed design offer the lowest reflection coefficient.
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Moss Rose Optimization Algorithm; Rectenna System; Impedance Matching Networks; Wireless Energy Harvesting

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