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High Gain Coplanar Waveguide Fed Slotted Two Element Yagi-Uda Antenna Array with Common Reflector for Ka-band Applications

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This paper proposes a coplanar waveguide fed two-element slotted Yagi-Uda antenna array implemented on Silicon substrate for applications in Ka-band. Reduced substrate surface area around the antenna from a compact design and elimination of ground plane by the coplanar waveguide tackles the surface wave interference problem caused by the Silicon. The flared structure of the dipole driven elements and the complimentary triangular shape of the directors improve the bandwidth and the radiation performance of the array. A completely novel common stepped reflector shared by both the elements of the array has been implemented to improve the end-fire radiation performance, which has been further improved by implementing a superstrate. In order to back up the claims, a model of the antenna array has been fabricated and its performance has been measured. The antenna array operates between 27.08 GHz to 28.77 GHz with a bandwidth of 1.66 GHz a peak gain of 12.31 dBi and an efficiency of 90.26% at the resonant frequency of 27.86 GHz. The array exhibits good end-fire radiation patterns. This is the first report of a high gain two element Yagi-Uda antenna array implemented as slot, fed by a coplanar waveguide, with a common reflector and applications in Ka-band.
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CPW; Array; Silicon; Yagi-Uda; Common Reflector; Ka-Band

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