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Dual-Band Millimeter-Wave Beam Scanning Slotted Square Patch Antenna Based on Active Frequency Selective Surfaces for 5G Applications

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This paper is concerned with dual-band electronically beam-scanning for millimeter-wave (mm-wave). A design encompassing slotted square patch antenna with an Active Frequency Selective Surface (AFSS) screen is presented. Each unit cell of AFSS is constructed of spiral arms endorsed with four varactors to enhance a wide tuning range over dual modes. Among many other features, the design supports dual operation bands at 48.5 and 68.5 GHz which is considered without any 90° phase shifter and is excited by a single-feed microstrip line. The overall size of the proposed antenna is only 3.9×3.9×0.1 mm3, which is smaller than some mm-wave antenna modules released recently. The whole structure is an ideal option for wireless applications due to its ability to scan its primary beam in dual-band throughout the whole azimuth plane with a resolution of 60°. The proposed structure can sweep beams throughout the whole 360° angular range and is capable of both dual-band and single-band beam sweeping with high gain, making it an excellent choice for 5G mm-wave applications.
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5G; Active Frequency Selective Surfaces; Dual-Band; Electronically Beam-Scanning Antenna; mm-Wave

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