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A Broadband Antenna Based on a Single CRLH TL Unit Cell and a Parasitic Strip for Sub-1GHz DVB and LTE Applications

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A Broadband and slim profile antenna based-on a single composite right/left-handed transmission line unit cell and parasitic shorted strip is presented for sub-1 GHz digital video broadcasting and long-term evolution applications (470-970 MHz). It is comprised of an ungrounded coplanar waveguide that feeds a meandered strip (distributed series inductors), which is connected through capacitive coupling (series capacitance) with a virtual small ground, while an upper shorted meandered strip represents a parallel inductor. A shorted meandered strip (parasitic inductor) is added to create a third resonant frequency. A broadband operation is achieved by merging three different resonant modes frequencies (zeroth-order mode and two quarter wavelength monopole modes) to satisfy 6 dB bandwidth criterion. A prototype is constructed and measured in order to verify the achieved results. The results of reflection parameter, gain, efficiency, patterns and bandwidth efficiency product are presented, discussed, and evaluated with respect to literature. The results show that the proposed antenna is a potential candidate for recent broadband digital video broadcasting applications.
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DVB Antennas; Sub-1 GHz Antennas; Broadband Antennas; CRLH TL Cell

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