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Metamaterial Based Circularly Polarized Parasitic Element Driven DRA for Sub 6 GHz Wireless and 5G Communication Applications

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Billions of wireless devices are directly communicating with each other and exchanging data worldwide. The 5G communication provides broad scope to this data exchange with low latency, high data rate, and efficient utilization of the EM spectrum. This paper articulates designing and developing a multiband Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA) with circular polarization for sub-6 GHz applications. The designed DRA of alumina occupies the dimension of radius ten and height of twenty mm on the FR4 substrate. The proposed DRA resonates at the quad-band with good impedance bandwidth covering the 5G band under the sub 6 GHz range. The designed antenna provides moderate gain and radiation efficiency of more than ninety-six percent. The prototype measured results show excellent matching with the simulation results of HFSS.
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Dielectric Resonator; 5G Communication; Parasitic Elements; Sub 6 GHz

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