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Electrically Small Metamaterial Inspired Monopole Antenna Using Double Negative Metamaterial and Ring Resonators

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This paper proposes a new metamaterial inspired electrically small multi-band monopole antenna. The proposed antenna can operate at DCS 1800 in the lower band and covers two wireless local area network (WLAN) bands in the higher band. This paper describes the design and a detailed analysis of the electrically small antenna, where the compactness is achieved by the application of double negative metamaterial on a monopole antenna and multiband operation is achieved by the addition of two ring resonators. The ground structure is modified for giving proper impedance matching at lower bands. Moreover, an additional double negative structure of similar design is also incorporated to enhance its gain. A comparative study of the proposed antenna with other reported electrically small antennas is summarized and analyzed. A prototype of the proposed antenna is fabricated on a low cost substrate and experimentally validated.
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Double Negative Metamaterial; Monopole Antenna; Electrically Small Antenna; DCS; WLAN; Multiband Antenna

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