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Time Reversal Resonating Strength Paradigm for Physical Layer Authentication in Industrial Wireless Communication

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The physical layer authentication, particularly the channel state information approaches, has attracted significant research efforts due to the low computational complexity that makes it a promising solution to provide the security requirements of industrial internet of things and cyber physical systems applications. In the literature, the generalized likelihood ratio test and its many variations have been used to measure the similarity between two channel estimates’. In contrast to the previous research, this paper presents a novel physical layer authentication mechanism based on the time reversal resonating strength of the channel frequency response to formulate the binary hypothesis test of the physical layer authentication. The authentication performance of the proposed time reversal resonating strength based physical layer authentication method is evaluated using real industrial wireless system radio propagation measurements dataset. The simulation results have demonstrated the superior performance of the proposed scheme for detecting the spoofing attack while maintaining minimum false alarm rate when compared with other state-of-the-art techniques.
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Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks; Cyber Physical Security; Physical Layer Security; Time Reversal Resonating Strength; Likelihood Ratio Test

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