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A Novel Two-Propagation-Modes Dual-Polarized Slotted-SIW Antenna for 5G and Sub-6GHz Services

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A novel planar antenna for dual-linear-polarized applications, based on Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) technology, and its dual-mode transceiver, acting as Orthomode Transceiver (OMT), are presented. TE10 and TE20 propagation modes are excited on the SIW to feed two orthogonal slots at the same time, operating at the same frequency band. Each slot produces the radiation according to the current distribution corresponding to their own mode without mutual interference. A dual-mode feeder and termination are used to excite a travelling wave in both modes, allowing the excitation and extraction of the propagation modes through the SIW on a single-layer circuit. In addition, a combination of 90°-hybrid circuits is designed in a single layer, to simplify the manufacture and assembly of the antenna, and acts as OMT by accomplishing the proper phase differences to create TE10 and TE20 at the same time and frequency on both sides of the SIW. As a result, a dual-beam and dual-polarized high-performance antenna is developed at sub-6GHz bands for 5G and other systems, such as Global-Coverage Satellites and Wi-Fi, through a combination of passive circuits to separate the orthogonal polarizations.
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SIW; Dual-Polarized; Slot; 5G; TE20

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