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Dynamic Hybrid Free Space Optical/Radio Frequency Millimeter Wave and Resource Allocation in Fifth Generation Networks

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Fifth-generation networks require high data rates with ultra-reliable links. In addition, energy efficiency is a crucial factor in the devices within fifth-generation networks, due to the vast amounts of data transmitted through machine-to-machine communication. Therefore, there is a need to lower the power of links as much as possible. Free-space optics links are ideal for lowering power consumption. However, they are not reliable under poor weather conditions. Therefore, a dynamic hybrid free-space optics and millimeter-radio frequency waves is proposed in order to enhance the high data rate requirements with low latency and ultra-reliable connection while optimizing power consumption. In order to maximize the energy efficiency, a resource allocation algorithm is proposed to optimize the power transmission for free-space optics and millimeter-wave in the fronthaul and midhaul system under different weather conditions. The proposed system is evaluated, and the simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can be adopted to reduce significantly energy consumption in the fronthaul and the midhaul of multiple cells within the cellular networks.
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Free Space Optics (FSO); Energy Efficiency Midhaul; 5G Networks

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