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SCHDRP: a 3D Wireless Sensor Networks Semi-Clustering and Hole Detection Routing Protocol

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Wireless sensor Networks (WSNs) have proliferated in the past few years. Their power consumption and network lifetime has attracted researchers over the past decade. In addition, studying these networks in three-dimensional environment where nodes are randomly distributed in a three dimensional (3D) area in caves, underwater or underground reveals many more challenging tasks to prolong the network lifetime. One of the issues that these networks encounter is the disconnectivity or holes in the network. These holes prevent active sensor nodes from delivering their data to the sink or central node. In this work, an enhanced semi-clustering and hole detection multi-hops routing protocol (SCHDRP) is proposed to tackle the issue of disconnectivity and holes detection in the network. SCHDRP aggregates the sensed data from the sensor nodes and routes them without depleting the edge sensors nodes “located beside holes” power in the network. SCHDRP has been simulated and its results show that it detects the holes’ edge nodes with an accuracy of 86% utilizing the average number of neighbors in the network with a threshold value of 10%. Moreover, SCHDRP has enhanced the network lifetime 200% over ordinary multi-hop routing protocols.
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Three Diminution (3D) Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs); Disconnectivity; Multi-hops Routing; Clustering

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