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A New Compact Metal Mountable Dual-Band UHF RFID Tag Antenna With an Adapted Middleware for Transport and SCM Fields

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Today, RFID, "Radio Frequency Identification", is a key technology for tracking assets in real-time. It has become one of the areas for improvement in several applications. An RFID system consists of three parts: RFID Tags, RFID Readers, and RFID Middleware. This study aims to improve the advantages of RFID applications as an applied technology in several fields, first, by modeling and designing a metal mountable tag antenna that is applied to cover two major UHF RFID bands, i.e., European (865-867 MHz) and U.S. bands (902-928 MHz), secondly, by setting out the RFID Middleware main tasks and suggesting a new RBAC & NoSQL-Based RFID Middleware architecture as a solution to manage the accessibility to RFID data, thus rendering the authentication process much more efficient. The proposed tag antenna configuration utilizes microstrip configuration with open bent stub feed network in order to attain conjugate matching w.r.t. Monza R6 chip impedance. The proposed microstrip patch-based tag antenna structure is simple and does not require any shorting pin/holes, making it easy and inexpensive to manufacture. Additionally, the proposed tag's impedance can be easily tuned in order to achieve conjugate matching concerning employed chip impedance. The proposed tag antenna is fabricated and experimentally characterized to measure its read range performance in the desired bands. The Proposed Middleware Platform architecture combines RFID technology with MongoDB to monitor and process a large number of inbound RFID events generated by RFID tags in order to provide high volume real-time data flow processing and better interoperability through the data presented in JSON format.
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Tag's Read Range; Conjugate Impedance Matching; Metal Mountable Tags; UHF RFID; Reflection Coefficient; RFID Middleware; CEP; Big Data; IoT; RBAC

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