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A Comparative Study of Wireless Sensor Network Using Cooperative Protocol

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In this paper, a novel dispensed energy-efficient clustering strategy for heterogeneous wireless sensor network with fresh cooperative protocol is suggested and assessed. The cluster-heads are chosen by a likelihood issued from the ratio between cooperative energy picks and both Channel State Knowledge (CSK) and Residual Energy Knowledge (REK) consideration of node and the average energy of the network. Matching energy dissipation of Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee and ANT protocols are supplied, in which a particular scope low power wireless sensor node periodically transmits a data packet to base station. Various tests are carried out to test the performance of the CC 2520, CC 2540 and CC 2570 modules. The average network lifetime, the throughput and the packet size calculations are described. It is supposed that the differentiation offered in this paper would interest implementation engineers in choosing a proper protocol.
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Wireless Sensor Network; ZigBee; ANT; Energy Efficient Clustering

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