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A Compact Novel Design of a 60 GHz Antenna for Body-Centric Communication

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Design of a 60 GHz, high gain millimeter-wave antenna has been proposed in this paper. The antenna is a slotted patch type based on two layers of flexible substrate divided by an air gap in the middle. It has a quadrangular ring radiator, inside which three more block letter-shaped (N S U) radiators are present. Using Computer Simulation Technology (CST) the performance of the antenna was evaluated in both free space and on-body scenario for body-centric communication. In free space simulation, using a coaxial probe, the antenna reached a resonant frequency of 60.08 GHz with a bandwidth of 5 GHz and a gain of 9.37 dB. Parametric studies were carried out by changing ring width, substrate height, substrate type, etc. for performance comparison.  For the on-body scenario the antenna was put at three different distances from a torso phantom and a slight shift to the right of the resonant frequency was observed while the bandwidth was close to 5 GHz for each of these distances. Results indicate that the antenna is very efficient in both free space and on-body scenarios and is very suitable for the unlicensed 60 GHz band.
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Atmospheric Absorption; Body-Centric; Coaxial Probe; High Gain; Microstrip; Millimeter-Wave; On-Body; Slotted Patch

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