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Investigations on Patch Antennas Based on Complementary Split Rings for On-Body Applications

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In this paper, the effect of integrating complementary split rings into a patch antenna working on the human body is investigated. Different shapes of complementary split rings are integrated into a typical rectangular microstrip patch antenna of (38×46.6×1.6) mm3 in size. The performance of the antenna on a simplified skin model at 2.45 GHz with and without the rings is compared. The simulation results indicate that the antenna radiation efficiency and gain are decreased by up to around 10.14 dB and 9.75 dBi, respectively for the antenna investigated in this paper when the investigated complementary split rings are integrated into its patch. The results in the paper show that unlike the case of complementary split rings with antennas in the human body, the antenna radiation efficiency and gain are decreased when these rings are used with antennas on the human body. The results in this paper are important to distinguish between the performance of complementary split rings with on-body antennas and that of the rings with in-body antennas. They are also important to provide designers with guidelines about using  complementary split rings for on body or wearable antennas in general.
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Complementary Split Ring (CSR); ISM Band; Patch Antennas; On-Body Antennas; Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN)

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