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A Method for Calculating the Characteristics of Leaky Wave Antennas Implemented by Means of the Open Comb Transmission Lines

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An electrodynamic method is developed for the analysis and the parametric synthesis of the microwave and millimeter-wave leaky wave antennas implemented by means of the planar dielectric waveguide loaded by a conductive comb array. The specified approach is based on the classical scheme of separating the partial domains, but it differs by the procedures it uses to simulate the metal comb ridges by the grooves of zero depth. It allows reducing the set of functional equations to the set of linear algebraic equations with the relatively simple coefficients using a single Fourier expansion. The introduced method is adjusted for the analysis of apertures with combs containing several rectangular grooves within the spacing, while their mouths can belong to one or two differing planes. The validity of the method and the reliability of the results obtained on its basis are confirmed experimentally.
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Leaky Wave Antenna; Dielectric Waveguide; Metal Comb; Diffraction; Electrodynamic Method; Pseudo-Groove

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