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MIMO Antenna for IEEE 802.11ac with Cross-Polarized Circular Configuration of Printed Yagi Elements

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Antennas characteristics contribute significantly to Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) system performances. IEEE 802.11ac is a wireless technology standard supporting transmission data rate of up to 1 Gbps by implementing the MIMO system. The design of the antenna should be capable to support the achievement of high channel capacity. This paper proposes the design of MIMO antenna for IEEE 802.11ac access point. The proposed MIMO antenna is composed of eight Printed Yagi elements, and each one has a bandwidth covering the frequency band of the IEEE 802.11ac system. In order to ensure a low coupling level between elements, the cross-polarized arrangement is used. In order to achieve good coverage for the area around the access point, the circular arrangement of Printed Yagi elements has been chosen as the solution referring to the problem. Computer simulations and laboratory measurements have been performed in achieving the design of the proposed antenna. Simulation and measurement results show that the proposed MIMO antenna has been able to support channel capacity of up to 1 Gbps at the low Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) conditions of 10 dB.
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MIMO; Antenna; Cross-Polarized; Printed Yagi; Channel Capacity; Mutual Impedance

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