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Design of UWB Band Notch Textile Antenna for Body-Centric Wireless Network with the Comparison of Five Different Textile Substrates

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Designing an effective antenna on textile substrate is quite a challenging issue which needs close monitoring of antenna return loss performance, gain, radiation pattern, efficiency etc. This paper presents the basic design of Ultra Wideband (UWB) band notch textile antenna for body-centric wireless network. Moreover, Wireless Communication is a notable communication practice and the UWB body-centric wireless communication is one of the foremost attractive ones. Hence, to design the UWB textile antenna, five different substrates have been used and analyzed for better performance evaluation. Textile substrates make the antenna wearable, and therefore can be used in sport monitoring, and in different medical applications as well. Comparing the designed antenna with five different substrates, finally the antenna is proposed with 100% Polyester substrate because among the other four textile substrates, it shows better and also has the intended antenna performance.
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Textile; Ultra Wideband; Band Notch; Body-Centric Network; WBAN; Wireless Network; Substrate; Radiation Pattern; Gain

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