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Synthesis of One-Stage Signal Processing Algorithm for Space Radio Navigation Receiver

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The article describes a new method of one-stage signal processing for a space radio navigation receiver. The idea of this method is jointly vector tracking for delays and phases of received navigation signals based on optimal filtering theory. Using special description of signal phase and delay dynamics the authors have synthesized a new one-stage signal processing algorithm that includes multidimentional phases and delays discriminator and a single integrated filter with simultaneous solution of the navigation task. As an example, the proposed method for a navigation receiver operated in a coherent mode is illustrated. The generalized scheme of a user navigation receiver with one-stage signal processing is given. This method allows improving the accuracy of the coordinates estimations by 1.7-2 times for high dynamic users and by 1,1-1,3 times for low dynamic users compared to two-stage signal processing algorithms. The benefits in coordinate estimation accuracy for high dynamic users are increased when the number of the processed navigation signals is greater.
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One-Stage Algorithm; Space Radio Navigation Systems; User Apparatus

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