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An Enhanced Mac Protocol Design Prolong Sensor Network Lifetime

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The major issues in the Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are energy, efficiency, and lifetime. Prolonging the lifetime in the sensor network plays a vital role in the research. In all the sensor based applications, there is need to monitor the lifetime continuously. There are several methods available in order to maintain duty cycling, to balance the node lifetime, retaining energy in the network. However, day by day, the many innovative techniques arrive to overcome these type of problems. The acquired overhead of the MAC-layer communication is circulated between source and destination in various ways with various MAC protocol. This paper proposes an Enhanced MAC protocol in order to prolong the lifetime, which concentrates on end-to-end delay transmission. The different model is analyzed and Cross-Layer Collaboration among Nodes Module (CLCNM) is implemented in order to enhance the lifetime. The obtained results show the superiority of the proposed protocol compared with existing methods in wireless sensor networks.
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Networks; Wireless Sensor Network; MAC Protocol; EMAC; Energy

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