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Reconfigurable Compact Antenna for Spatial Modulation MIMO Communications

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Recently, a new wireless communication scheme called Spatial Modulation MIMO (SM-MIMO) has been introduced for Green wireless communications. Here, an application of a compact reconfigurable antenna working at 2.45 GHz to SM-MIMO is presented. The designed antenna can generate up to eight different radiation patterns. It is composed of two meanderlines radiating elements surrounded by parasitic electronically switchable resonators. The impedance matching has been optimized for six states of the reconfigurable antenna. The spatial diversity, which is a key parameter for SM-MIMO is estimated from the analysis of the complex inter-correlation matrix of the radiation patterns at the operating frequency. Finally, the performance of the designed reconfigurable antenna is assessed by computing the bit error rate (BER) in a Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) configuration. The proposed reconfigurable antennas are particularly suitable for indoor SM-MIMO applications that require low power and compact devices.
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Reconfigurable Radiation Pattern Antennas; Spatial Diversity; Spatial Modulation; MIMO

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