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Comparison Between Several EBG 3 D Structures to Improve Antenna Performances of Two Patches

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In this article, a patch antenna with two radiating elements that can be used for K band applications is presented. A technique to create network linear antennas to match stacking sequence of (EBG) electronic band gap is described. The proposed antenna is made of Arlon Cu 217LX with thickness of 0,7 mm with a loss tangent of 0,0009. The antenna performance is obtained by 3D structure integration (3 dimensions). The electromagnetic confinement mechanism within antenna is entirely based on electromagnetic band gap 3D of cubic shape. The EBG network consists of elements that are disposed in different shapes placed above the antenna patch. The EBG structure antenna assembly has been optimized in order to obtain eventually radiant compact structure having adaptation of -36 dB and realising gain of 18,4 dB in operating frequency. At 21,4 GHz, antenna can also be used for systems applications in communication, broadcasting and remote sensing and numerous systems using radars and radiometers.
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Planar Antenna; EBG 3D Structures; Performances; Meta-Materials; S11 Parameters

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